Is Kim Dao Really That Into Makeup And Fashion?

An online influencer can do many things. They could be a role model on any type of craft. One of the famous ways to be an influencer is to be a beauty vlogger. Being a beauty e vlogger has a lot of things to do. You could share techniques or review make up products. In the industry of online vlogging, there are lots of established vloggers. One of the success stories is from Kim Dao.

Hobby and sideline
Everything that Kim has today started from a hobby. She is very into fashion and beauty. It is evident in her liking for cosmetic products. It is said that she is having fun with it as a hobby and now it became a huge life-changing choice that she has. With having fun being one of her own craft, Kim became an established name in the field of vlogging.

Her vlogs are about beauty and fashion. There are other vlogs about travelling. She travels a lot across Asia. From South Korea to Japan, she lives wherever she wanted to. That makes her a very great vlogger. She doesn’t settle on one thing.

Fashion and beauty
With her vlogging profession, she seems very confident with it. She shares a lot of tips on beauty. The cosmetic products that she recommends are very interesting to her audience. It could be a very nice skincare product or even a good cosmetic product to be added in your pouch. She seems to have a great taste in everything about her field.

Her fashion never fails too. She has a unique style in keeping herself styled. She picked out things from her wardrobe that suits her. Influencers do a lot of things for their audience. Some of her viewers might see this as an opportunity to upgrade their fashion style and keep up to Kim dao’s taste.