About Us

Frankly Speaking is a blog about brutal honesty, we lay down the facts about things you need to know. These are real, no nonsense, no bullshit, just cold hard facts and our fearless points of view. If there’s a review of a product or service that you need, this is the right place – we test out the dubious and too good to be true so you dont have to. We give our thoughts on what could be improved and if its a waste of money or not.

Our blog was established by a group of tired consumers who have gone weary of products and services that try too much to get over to be noticed and be a relevant sale. Many of these products really don’t deliver as promised and rely on too much on cheap marketing tricks. We generally do reviews but once in a while we post about other topics to and just have us give our real talk insights to it. So enjoy your visit and let us know your thoughts too! Of course, you have to be Frankly Speaking as well.